About Us

Lun Heng Sdn Bhd operates on the following core values in all our business practices.

Our firm has been esteemed for our strong commitment to loyalty and trust that has spanned over decades. We have well-established relationships with suppliers, retailers and clients while consistently delivering quality products to all our customers.

Lun Heng has always been a pioneer in exploring and seizing new business opportunities. Our drive for excellence has enabled the company to continuously innovate and readily embrace new ideas, fresh concepts, young talents and cutting-edge marketing strategies.

In order to ensure the optimal efficiency and effectiveness of the business, Lun Heng’s current goal is to empower the next generation and continue to move forward in terms of branding and marketing strategies.

Lun Heng Sdn Bhd

Backgound & History

In the year 1972, Mr. Chan Lee Beng and his son, Chan Moon Thiam established Lun Heng Sdn Bhd, a local wholesale and retail grocery food store in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, mainly selling salted fish. Mr. Chan Moon Thiam gradually took charge of managing the company, and officially took over the company’s business in year 1982. Under his vision and leadership, the family business soon became one of the most famous wholesale grocery stores in Kuala Lumpur.


Expansion Of Business

Lun Heng’s business in Kuala Lumpur expanded and became a market leader in the Klang Valley region, growing exponentially with satisfied clients becoming returning customers. The companies’ market presence also attracted various retail stores in becoming wholesale customers of the companies’ dried goods and food products.

In 1982, the company was reorganised and placed under the management of the present Board of Directors. Lun Heng is now recognized as one of the biggest grocery companies in Malaysia, with more than 648 wholesale customers across Malaysia.

Major Importer of International Food Products

Mr. Chan Moon Thiam identified a gap in the local market concerning the lack of availability of international food products in the Malaysian market. In 1982, he bravely ventured into importing large quantities of global dry food products and canned goods into the county. Mr. Moon Thiam navigated the company into being the dominant supplier of dry goods from all over the world. The company is currently one of the largest importers of groceries in Malaysia, bringing more than 1,000 food and grocery products from more than 20 countries all over the world into the nation.

The company’s products includes an assortment of dried foods, dried fruits and canned seafood, which has gained widespread popularity especially in West Malaysia. To date, Lun Heng has grown from a company with a team of 8 employees to a solid team of 70 employees. They are equipped with the experience and expertise to deliver quality products and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Lun Heng Properties Sdn Bhd

Mr Moon Thiam diversified the Lun Heng business into the property arena when he began purchasing properties in year 1975. As an entrepreneur and intelligent investor, he carefully selected each property and investment in view of factors such as risk, return on investment and locality.

In year 2012, Lun Heng Properties was officially established with over 42 prime properties listed under its name. The company has been built on a solid foundation and is moving towards future growth and expansion.

Lun Heng Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

After establishing Lun Heng Sdn Bhd and Lun Heng Properties, Mr Moon Thiam experienced a life-changing event when he started taking probiotic and nutritional products to alleviate health problems. His became truly passionate in utilizing Lun Heng Marketing in order to help the community, especially people in need.

Mr Moon Thiam found his true north when he started producing products that could change the well-being of both individuals and societies. He plans to partner with Lun Heng Marketing to jointly market, popularize, and distribute authentic health products to the Malaysian community. The company aims to be a major market player in the healthcare and nutritional products industry in Malaysia within the next 3 years.

Mr Moon Thiam, equipped with extensive foresight, is now empowering the next generation to pioneer and actively manage this business venture. He generously provides his in-depth business experience and extensive expertise in ensuring Lun Heng Marketing achieves outstanding results at every step.

Built upon the trust and loyalty of the Malaysian market to Lun Heng Sdn Bhd, Lun Heng Marketing has begun to flourish, and will continue to grow in the future.